Acupressure Points for Hip Pain: Get Relief from Back Pain & Sciatica Naturally

Acupressure for Hip Pain & Back Pain Relief has been proven to be very effective in most cases, especially in women as they tend to suffer the most from hip and lower back pain issues.

It also works for men of all ages as the nerves connecting the back are all the same for both the genders.

Causes of Hip & Back Pain

It is found that 1 in every 3 persons is suffering from this back pain issue and there are several reasons for that.

  • Age: The first and the major factor that can cause severe hip pain or back pain is your growing age. As you age, the body’s self-healing capacity weakens and as a result older people are said to suffer more from sciatica problems.
  • Strenuous Physical Activity: The second most common reason is the amount of pressure you put your body through. The more strain you put on your hips and less, the more chances you’ve to get pain the back or hips.
  • Injuries Caused Due to Accidents: Few people who met with accidents are at a higher risk of getting severe back/hip pain due to bone fractures. If you’re suffering with bone fracture issues, then you should get medical treatment and acupressure will just help speed up the healing process.
  • Health Condition: There are a few chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, lupus, sprains and strains, which may lead to hip pains as well as other joint pains.
  • Genetic Conditions: Other reasons include rare genetic conditions such as muscular dystrophy and congenital deformities.

Well, these are the most common reasons why you get pain in your back/hips region. So, it is highly advised to find out the real cause and the get the necessary treatment along with acupressure treatment to get relief from back pain or hip pain.

Most Effective Acupressure Points for Back Pain & Sciatica

Listed below are the most popular and effective pressure points to get rid of lower back pain and sciatica naturally.

1.Stomach Point (CV6)

CV6 aka Sea of Energy Point is one of the most effective back pain pressure point to get fast relief.

CV6 Back Pain pressure point

It is located under the belly button (Navel) around 2 fingers distance.

Apply firm pressure on this point to reduce lower back pain and also to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

2.Lower Back Points (B23, B47)

These two pressure points (Sea of Vitality) are effective in treating lower back pain as well as sciatica issues.

i] B23 (Bladder 23 or Kidney Shu)

This point can be found at the middle of the waist, on the inner bladder line, the point between the hip bone and rib cage, on the inner edge of erector spinae.

b23 kidney shu back pain acupressure

Applying pressure on this point relieves you from lower back pain caused due to muscle tension.

It also treats kidney related issues, earache, reduces cough, asthma, male and female sexual issues effectively.

ii] B 47 (Bladder 47 or Will’s Chamber)

Another acupuncture point for lower back pain relief. This can be found at the middle of the waist, on the outer bladder line, on the edge of erector muscle group.

b47 wills chamber acupressure point

Stimulate this point helps in relieving muscle tension which in turn reduces the pain in your lower back region.

3.Knee Back Points (B53, B54)

Also known as Middle Crook, these reflexology pressure points for back pain are located in the middle of the crease at the back of your knee.

knee pressure points for lower back pain

Stimulating these points helps get rid of lower back pain caused by sciatica and herniated discs.

4.Foot Pressure Points

There are two acupuncture pressure points in the foot that are effective in reducing back pain.

i] While Sleeping

This point is located between your big toe and second toe.

foot reflexology back pain relief

When you lie down on the floor or bed, you’ll find a joint exactly between your big and 2nd toe.

Applying tender pressure on this point treats back pain faster.

ii] While Sitting

When you sit on a chair straight, lift your foot to your thighs and you’ll find this point on the upper middle of your foot.

foot pressure point for upper back pain

Gently massage from heel to toe with your thumb finger to relax muscle tension and reduce pain in the back.

Most Effective Acupressure Points for Hip Pain

Listed below are the hip pressure points that help reduce pain in your hips and buttocks naturally.

1.Hip Bone Points (B48, GB30)

These two acupuncture points helps you get relief from hip pain.

i] GB 30 (Gallbladder 30 or Jumping Round Point)

It is located between the sacrum and greater trochanter, by moving 3 quarters into gluteal muscles from the mid point of the sacrum.

gb30 hip pain acupressure treatment

Applying firm pressure on this point (on both the hips) will help in reducing pain in your lower back, hips, leg pain, lumbar pain, muscle tensions and also your buttocks.

ii] B48 (Bladder 48 or Bladder Vitals Point)

This point can be located right in the middle of the gluteal muscles, 3 chon to the side of the sacrum.

b48 acupuncture for hip pain

Stimulate this point with care to get relief from hip pain and pain in the buttocks & sacral region. It is also useful for treating diarrhoea, sciatica and diabetes.

2,Squatting Bone Hole (GB29)

This point is located at the middle of the line connecting anterior iliac spine and greater trochanter of the femur, in the hip region.

gb29 relief from hip pain

It is useful for treating sciatica, hip pain, muscle sprain, numbness in the hops and also inflammation.

The above acupressure points for hip pain, if practiced regularly, can help you get rid of lower back pain, hip pain and sciatica issues within a very short period of time. For serious issues like accidents, please get a proper medical treatment first and then acupressure could be practiced to heal your back pain faster.

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